Ability to export to a PDF with layers able to be toggled on/off within PDF document.

10-30-2013 08:33 PM
Status: Open
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So basically what I am hoping to achieve is to export my PDF (the pdf exported will look just like what is shown on ArcGIS Desktop), but when you open the PDF, the end user can toggle on and off the layers from within the PDF.... See the adobe website for an example.

AutoCAD has been doing this for a few years, and I would love to know how to do it in ArcGIS.

I have worked out how to enable the 'layers' in the PDF, but it is not very intuitive. I would hate to send this PDF to external companies and expect them to understand the layer structure... Can this be amended to replicate the way the legend is setup? With just a list of feature classes? The inclusion of the folders with "Other 3", Layers, "Other 2" etc is very confusing.

I think this is more of an issue with Adobe, not ArcGIS.  ben_vks workflow is the best way to do this that I know of.
The Export to PDF Advanced options allow you to export ArcMap layers to PDF layers. If you export a layout that contains graphic elements, the graphic elements are assigned PDF layer names such as "Other," "Other 2," etc., which are meaningless. Since ArcMap supports exporting to PDF layers, there should be a way in ArcMap to define names for the graphic layers being exported so that they can be recognized in the PDF.

Also listed as Enhancement request: NIM041941