Ability to define own project dynamic text tag

07-21-2021 04:03 AM
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IDEA: It would be great to have the ability to create your own dynamic text tag with a specific value. This dynamic text would be accessible throughout the project.


What you can do now: So far, you can use just the project name tag (in global scope), which is file .arprx name. It is limited to  260 characters and it cannot be changed without resaving the project. Special characters are not supported either. 


Background (my workflow): We are working on repeating projects (think of 150 per year) with a relatively strictly defined subset of maps (think of 10-15) with many different features/WMS/.... My goal was to create a template project where you change created e.g. the project title tag and in every single layout, the dynamic text (with the title tag) would change as well. The ability to do so would save me lots of time and mainly, you avoid mistakes (leaving some strings originated in the template etc). I can imagine other cases as well like project description, project authors, company name etc.


I have exactly the same issue and this is exactly the same approach/enhancement I have suggested to ESRI UK. The existing functionality framework is already there - There is already Project Metadata, and there is already a dynamic text option for adding project metadata. It just needds expanding to allow an addiitonal user-defined metadata element to be added and allow it to be referenced by the same Dynamic text structure.


For dynamic tags to be included in multiple layouts you need to use Project dynamic tags. Which is utilizing the Project's metadata. It would be nice if Project dynamic tags were expanded to enable "global" dynamic tags that are included in multiple layouts. This would allow editing in one location and reflect in all included layouts the dynamic tags are included on.


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Thank you for posting this Idea! After looking at it, the Idea you posted has the same core request as this older Idea. I have merged the two together, but please kudo this Idea to add your vote! 

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