Ability to Create Organization-Wide Symbology Style Files

06-18-2018 09:35 AM
Status: Open
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Hi Esri, 

We would like to have the ability to create organization-wide style files that can be dynamically updated as the chosen styles may change. This would allow us to create a consistent experience for the general public and promote alignment with our branding.

Currently the only way we can add these style files is to add a copy of them to the root folder from the ArcGIS install file on each individual PC.

When we change any of these styles, all the copies on different PCs are not updated and need to be manually replaced. 

Thanks so much!

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See Pro: Importing Styles should be permanent‌ for a thread that might provide some insight into what you're looking for.  In ArcGIS Pro, you could create a project that contains styles referenced from a network location.  Save that project as a template and deploy the template to your users or upload it to your portal.  When users create projects from the template, their projects will contain the style on the network share.

If you need to update the style, update it in the shared folder.  This approach might work for you.