ArcGIS Pro Labels

11-11-2020 07:28 PM

ArcGIS Pro Labels

ArcGIS Pro idea submissions require a single label; that is, an idea cannot be submitted without a label or with more than one label.  Use this table to help find the label that best aligns with the idea you're submitting.  Do your best to label your idea correctly and as Ideas Managers review ideas, they will update the label if necessary. 

Use Ctrl + F to search for keywords in the description



3D Data & Editing

3D editing, 3D object feature layer, COLLADA, DAE, DWG, FBX, glTF, glb, OBJ, materials, multipatches, 3D geometry, 3d formats

Annotation & Labeling

labels, annotation, Maplex, dimension feature classes, text symbols

Application Framework

install, update, pane and ribbon behavior, customization, assigning shortcuts, add-in manager


Use this label for ideas requesting features or functionality related to the Arcade language. Note that there are areas of ArcGIS Pro where Arcade is used, but where the idea may not be about the language itself such as Annotation & Labeling, Geodatabase, and Geoprocessing.


arcpy site package

ideas specific to working with


CAD, BIM, Revit, Civil 3D


ideas specific to working with charts

Content Management

browse and search, Catalog Pane, Catalog View, favorites, metadata, notifications, offline maps, project packages, project save, project templates, start page

Documentation & Help

web help and offline help, including quick-start tutorials, what's new, release notes


feature and attribute editing, attributes pane, feature templates, editing grid, constraints, snapping, topological editing

Export Print & Display

Export, printing, display, and ArcGIS Pro hardware requirements


addresses, locators, rematch pane, locate pane, layer search, world geocoding service, reverse geocode, what’s here


archiving, attachments, query layers/oledb(odbc), data design (fields view, domains view, subtypes view, contingent attribute values, attribute rules), file-based data (csv, txt, Microsoft Excel), editor tracking, geodatabase administration, replication, linear referencing, joins, relates, relationship classes, database view, topology, versioning


geoprocessing (gp) tools, toolboxes, analysis, gp environments, gp favorites, gp history, gp options, scheduling tools

Imagery & Raster

raster symbology, raster functions, orthomapping, mensuration, image services, image classification, georeferencing, mosaic datasets

Knowledge Graphs

ideas related to knowledge graph functionality and link charts in ArcGIS Pro


layout elements (legend, scale bar, north arrow, dynamic text, layout graphics, pictures), layout files (.pagx), bookmark map series, spatial map series, map frame, table frame, chart frame, layout templates


named user, single use, concurrent use, license manager, offline licensing, assigning licenses, borrowing licenses, authorization, activation, provisioning file, option file, ArcGIS License Server Administrator, silent authorization, json file

Map Authoring

symbology, layer properties, layer files (.lyrx), layer blend modes, map properties, coordinate systems, projections, transformations, map scale, map graphics, basemaps, Map Contents pane, color schemes /ramps, color management, spot color, colour, definition queries, query builder, display filters, stream layers, feature binning, map notes, renderers, representations, scale based, scale-based sizing, attribute driven symbology, heat map, graduated colors / symbols, bivariate, GNSS, GPS, stroke, fill, marker, glTF, symbol layer drawing, masking, repair data sources, visual variables, transparency, procedural, rule package, styles

Map Exploration

animated symbology, attribute tables, pop-ups (identify), navigation, animation, measure tools, reports, time, exploratory analysis tools, selections, bookmarks, map tips, coordinates, map units, visual effects


ideas specific to working with ModelBuilder

Multiscale Mapping

generalization, vector tiles, symbol effects, dictionary renderer, Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) viewing

Parcel Fabric

Parcel Fabric ideas can be submitted directly to the ArcGIS Parcel Fabric idea exchange.  ArcGIS Pro ideas for Parcel Fabric will be moved to the Parcel Fabric idea exchange. In addition, ideas related to traverse, COGO, and ground to grid can be submitted using the Parcel Fabric label, or directly in the Parcel Fabric idea exchange.


Python distribution, package manager, python environments, Notebooks

Scene Layers

building layers, elevation layers, integrated mesh layers, 3D object layers, point cloud layers, voxel layers, slpk, scene layer packages


SDK ideas can be submitted directly to the ArcGIS Pro SDK idea exchange.  ArcGIS Pro SDK ideas will be moved to the ArcGIS Pro SDK idea exchange.

Sharing & Publishing

sharing web layers, web maps, web scenes, packages, sign-in, portal connections

Spatial Statistics and Machine Learning

clustering, prediction, multivariate analysis, spatiotemporal pattern mining, forecasting, statistics, data engineering, data science, machine learning


ideas specific to working with Tasks

Trace Network

ideas specific to working with Trace Networks

Usability (UI-UX)

ideas related to usability, user interface, user experience

Using Feature Services in Pro

ideas specific to displaying, querying, editing, or performing analysis using feature services in Pro

Utility Network

ideas specific to working with Utility Networks

Extension: 3D Analyst

ideas specific to working with the 3D Analyst extension; las, lidar, point cloud, tin, terrain, surface, multipatch, 3d, z, elevation, height, solid, dem, dsm, raster, interpolate, triangulate, triangulation

Extension: Business Analyst

ideas specific to working with the Business Analyst extension

Extension: Data Interoperability

ideas specific to working with the Data Interoperability extension

Extension: Geostatistical Analyst

ideas specific to working with the Geostatistical Analyst extension

Extension: Image Analyst

ideas specific to working with the Image Analyst extension

Extension: LocateXT

ideas specific to working with the LocateXT extension

Extension: Network Analyst

ideas specific to working with the Network Analyst extension and solvers (Route, Closest Facility, Service Area, Location Allocation, Origin Destination Cost Matrix, Vehicle Routing Problem)

Extension: Spatial Analyst

ideas specific to working with the Spatial Analyst extension



Content Management - The "Databases" section of Catalog should not allow you to delete the database, since you are mapping to another location. You should only be allowed to "remove" the mapped geodatabase, not delete it from here. 

Hi @LisaDeAlessio The purpose of this document is to provide the Label name and corresponding descriptions to help community members understand how to label their ideas in the ArcGIS Pro idea exchange.  

If you'd like to submit an idea there, please follow the submission guidelines.

Thank you!

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