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Topology errors in the parcel fabric - Parcel boundaries not coincident because of small gaps and slivers

08-12-2020 08:19 AM
New Contributor II

Topology errors in the parcel fabric - small gaps and slivers.

I am finding several small gaps or slivers in between my parcels where the parcel boundaries should be coincident. I have tried fixing these parcels with New Parcel, Construct by Parent, Parcel Remainder and I have also run a topology diagostic on the fabric. The Snapping function when using New Parcel or Construct by Parent does not always seem to snap and make the lines coincident (so then what is it snapping to?!). The results of the diagnostic test do not show these small gaps and slivers. Many of the slivers only show at very fine scales (1:1 or less), but some of them show at large scales (2nd pic is 1:1,250!) How can I fix these?! They are driving me insane and making creating new parcels very frustrating.

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