Layer is not editable error message but the layer is editable.

01-13-2021 11:29 AM
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Anyone encountering this error message?


The layer shows as editable in the editing view and the status dialog.

I'm trying to duplicate lot lines that are identical to other lot lines in the plat and then move them to the correct position. My plat is a bunch of townhomes that are identical or mirrored, so I am trying to copy and paste them, then move them. I seem to run into this error a lot in the parcel fabric, this time I selected a bunch of lines, mirrored them, then attempted to move them to their proper location. The mirroring worked fine, but when I try to move the lines I get the above.

What am I doing wrong?


Jeff Ward
Summit County, Utah
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Contacting technical support is probably best to troubleshoot it.

Things that come to mind:

1. Are you using a new version of Pro? If yes - did you make sure to upgrade the parcel fabric you are using?

2. What do you see in the editing status? what are the tooltips in the Contents pane editability showing?

3. If you are using the enterprise deployment (services) - do you have the parcel fabric User Type Extension associated to your user name?

4. Is this issue limited to the editing Move tool or are all editing tools fail?

We are curious - please share what it was when technical support figures it out.

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I had a similar issue with Points in parcel fabric not being editable and here was my solution:

My project (.aprx) file ended up being the problem. I tend to keep my project open with multiple tabs since I have 2 different layout and 2 editing maps (one with the topology and one with non-topology layers and my annotations). However, opening the fabric in a brand new project allowed the points to be moved and the topology to update as intended with the fabric.

So in my original project I was able to "reset" it by:

  1. Closing ALL tabs/views except Catalog
  2. Saving the project and closing Arcgis Pro
  3. Re-opening Pro
  4. Opening only the map that contains the fabric

I'm now able to edit points again. My working theory is that one of my layouts contains the map that has my fabric topology in it and "activating" the map in that layout may be conflicting with editing the map itself elsewhere in my project.

 Try opening your fabric in a brand new project and see if you can reproduce the issue and if you can't you might have something else conflicting with the topology open elsewhere in your project file.

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