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Land consolidation

10-27-2021 04:03 AM
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I am trying to find information on the Esri solution "ArcGIS for Land Administration" but unfortunately I did not find anything. I am working on the land consolidation and I am looking for the esri solution for this subject. Is there anyone who can help me.

Thank you so much

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Hello Nadia,

A Land Consolidation project consists of a few stages, namely current situation, reallocation plan and the new situation (+ sometimes compensation). Since the process is different from one country to another and is tied to the ownership (aka 'Parties' in LADM), it would be hard to come up with a rigid solution that fits all. 
The parcel fabric is suitable for collecting the current situation (with or without improving spatial accuracy) , then use versioning to examine design alternatives, publish relevant maps to stakeholders or publicly, and capture the new child parcels (parcel lineage) of the new situation. What type of land consolidation project do you have? agricultural parcels (long and narrow)? 

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Thanks a lot for your response 🙂