How to quickly "snap" all lines together in a subdivision?

01-19-2023 03:35 PM
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I have a subdivision I just created, but realized the lines came very close, but did not snap to each other. Is there a way to quickly select the subdivision lines and run a tool to make them all snap together (with a certain tolerance)?

My solution for the moment is to go through each one and use the extend tool on them, but that's pretty tedious.

Here I'm zoomed in to 1:0.04 and you can see the lines are not actually connected:



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With soon to be released ArcGIS Pro 3.2, the above mentioned behavior with the Planarize tool and COGO attributes has been changed. The COGO will now not be recalculated on the lines that are only snapped. Otherwise, when the lines are split where they intersect, the software will continue to work as it currently does (in 3.1 and prior), with COGO distances recomputed/re-proportioned and their COGO Type set to "Computed".

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Great, thanks Tim! Your team is doing great work as always.

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If the distance between the endpoints are small enough, you can always use the planarize tool and set the cluster tolerance so that the endpoints snap together.

Frank Conkling - Panda Consulting

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That's a great idea!

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