Editing data and maintaining Data In Parcel Fabric Pro

03-16-2022 01:35 PM
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I am currently undertaking upgrading our arcmap parcel fabric to pro and had a functionality question that I could not find an answer to. Previously, in ArcMap you had to have the data frame in the same projection as your parcel fabric in order to perform edits, does this still apply to the Pro Fabric. 

The data we manage crosses multiple state plane zones and has been historically managed by zone(one fabric per zone), however it would be much easier to have one statewide projection for the data and project the data frame to the appropriate zone for editing and adding data. Is this a function that the Pro fabric can do and are there any negatives to doing this that I am not aware of in terms of performance and data integrity.


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The Pro Parcel Fabric resides in a Feature Dataset in a geodatabase, which has its projection set at the dataset-level, as opposed to the feature class. In other words, you cannot have a parcel fabric with more than one coordinate system.

From my own experience working with cadastral data, the key difference between something like a statewide projection and a more regionally-focused one is the amount of potential grid to ground correction you'll see across the entire area.

You'd probably want to compare the different projects at different locations to get a better sense of the difference. If the difference is small, you could probably get away with a statewide projection. The problem there, though, is that if you want to be especially accurate, any time you get a legal description or plat of survey done up in a different projection, you'll have to either accept being a bit off or run a conversion.

But at the end of the day, you might not be working with the raw coordinates that the surveyors are taking, and maybe it doesn't matter so long as everything is consistent.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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So we have multiple feature datasets for each fabric. One feature dataset per zone / fabric. 

If I am able to edit the data in a different coordinate system than what the data is stored as, the error in inputting the data is not an issue. We can determine an appropriate projection for our data, I just want to make sure the workflow is not going to cause a performance issue in pro that doesn't seem to be documented. I can currently perform this workflow, just want to make sure it isn't going to cause an issue later down the road. 

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