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Connection lines in Arcgis Pro 3.0

07-20-2022 10:03 AM
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Our workflow previously was to start a traverse and choose the Lines layer we wanted (tax lot, subdivisions, etc), then choose Connection Lines from the dropdown circled in the image below. Then we'd have to remember to switch back once we were at the true Point of Beginning. That option doesn't seem to be available once we updated to 3.0.

Is the new workflow to do a traverse for the Connection Lines, then start a new traverse for the Parcel? When starting a new traverse it will auto-start from where you left off in the previous traverse, so this seems like a nice way to do it. 



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Esri Contributor

Hi Greg, yes you've correctly identified the workflow that should be used in 3.0. Running traverse courses from the point of commencement to the point of beginning should be considered as its own traverse. When you click the New button, the new traverse has its start point automatically set to the last point of the previous traverse. This is also documented here in a new section that was added for this update. The new section has the title "Create a parcel traverse with a connection from a point-of-beginning" :