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Best Practices for Parcel Fabric Schema Changes w/Branch Versioning?

01-21-2020 07:47 AM
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What are the best practices for making schema changes to the branch versioned Parcel Fabric in ArcGIS Pro? Specific examples would be use of the add/remove parcel type tools and adding/deleting fields of a parcel type?

Do all of the versions for individual editors need to be deleted after reconcile/post?   

I removed some parcel types from our parcel fabric. After running the remove parcel type tool and restarting the service,  it could not be added to the map and the server log threw an error about not being able to find those parcel types. I also learned that one of our editors had a version that had not been reconciled and posted.  Is this the cause of the error?   

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I also have this question; we'd like to delete some fields.

Any chance some Esri staff could provide some info here?

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We have missed this question and have answered it here:

As for performing schema changes with branch versioning:

1. Your published service should allow for schema changes



2. You can perform schema changes while there are child versions that have not be reconciled and posted yet.

3. Any schema changes that impact your layers, like adding /removing a layer, or adding/removing a field will require you to republish with the overwrite option. It will also impact the maps your users are using.

4. To make schema changes you first need to make sure no one is locking your geodatabase. 


5. You can stop the map service using ArcGIS Server service manager



or stop the ArcGIS Server Service (for all published maps) by going to 'My Computer --> Manage --> Services


You are always welcome to contact technical support to get help with your specific configuration.

I hope this helps