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Are their any examples or users that have successfully implemented the parcel type as an administrative boundary.

07-27-2021 08:33 AM
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We looked at Parcel Type Admin Boundaries in 2.6 and had some issues.  Now that 2.8 is out I am looking at this again. 

Business Case:  Our administrative boundaries are managed by our cartographers (along with taxlots).  Our admin boundaries are managed as taxcode areas. Taxcodes have a many-to-many relationship with a variety of taxing districts (fire, school, city, transit, etc.).  Over 95% of the time these boundaries are coincident with taxlot boundaries.  Changing of taxcode boundaries (annexations of any district) are initiated by a "legal" record of some kind.  Every spring our cartographers process these annexations so that they are included in the next tax season valuation (Very simple overview)

Pros/Cons:  The advantage of  the admin only parcel type is the built-in nature of the record.  I have built three different sets of custom business flows over the years to track and manage taxcode/district annexations.  The parcel fabric record does all that for me (no coding - nice!).  I have done a few simple business flow tests and it looks good.  
Question:  Who has implemented (or are their more detailed ESRI examples of) the Parcel Type as an Administrative Boundary?  Unfortunately, I have not found a lot of documentation or examples where folks have implemented this (impacts on editing, topology rules, etc).  I would like to get some links/contacts to help in my review and testing.  I hope it is in some video that I just missed or that some user has some thoughts on this.  I will continue to test. 
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For the reasons you state above and since administrative boundaries are usually managed by the cadastral agencies, we created the administrative parcel type. We know of a few customers that have implemented it for their county but they will have to step forward themselves.
With the ArcGIS Pro 3.0 release scheduled we developed a new tool called 'Transfer Parcel' that will help manage administrative boundaries - specifically an 'Annexation' workflow.
The Transfer Parcel tool will also support other record-driven workflows like ROW vacation and ROW dedication. 

Here's a glimpse:




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