Years go by and Bugs Remain Unfixed

02-28-2020 12:37 PM
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In May 2016 I filed an incident, 01765731 which was verified and confirmed as a bug, given id BUG_000096273.

The gist of this bug is as follows:

1.geocode some addresses using World Geocoder online service

2. Umpteen fields are returned, and two of them are labelled X and Y and (at least with the options I chose for geocoding) are the longitude and latitude, presumably (although I would not trust anything ESRI does) in

the datum of the geographic coordinate system used whether or not one requested a projected coordinate system

3. Some errors in addresses are corrected by hand.

4. Review and Rematch those addresses using the software and World Geocoder.

5. Now the fields X and Y for those corrections are no longer geographic coordinates but appear to be distances (Feet in my case, from some coordinate origin, but once again I have not the time or patience to go through all the calculations and verify)

This BUG still has not been fixed. So I end up with a pile of data, some of which uses feet, and some decimal degrees.

And here is the kicker which is why I bring this up again:

6. A second attempt to review/rematch an address fails. This very helpful message is displayed:

    "There was an error storing the modified result".

Yeah, I'll say.

I wonder if I could be forgiven for wondering why I should pay ESRI for using this service? There seems to be not the slightest volition to get these less-than-critical bugs fixed. Four years down the road and still not closed.

BTW: this is not the only bug in the WGS. I have reported at least one other, and that too isn't foxed.

It strains my belief to think that there can be many companies who are able to just continually ignore these bug reports and still enjoy any kind of customer base.


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Looks like the bug has been closed as a Known Limit shortly after being logged with the following explanation:

The spatial reference of the featureClass is correct but the values of x, y, xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax always come back as the spatial reference of the locator.

It does offer a workaround, though:

Right-click the X and Y fields, click Calculate Geometry, and change the units accordingly.

BUG-000096273: Using a projected coordinate system under Advanced G..

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