Will enabling vector basemaps have any unforseen impacts on existing maps/apps?

07-02-2019 01:38 PM
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We are currently using a custom group as our source for organization-wide basemaps (because we're providng both Esri basemaps and organization-created basemaps). We had previously added Esri's raster basemaps to this group, and many users consumed them in their maps/apps. However, we did this by sharing individual raster basemaps to the group, rather than checking the "Share the Esri default basemaps to this group when you click Save" option in the organization settings.

Since that point, I have added several of the newer Esri vector basemaps to this group, but I didn't replace the original raster basemaps because I wasn't sure how it would affect users' existing maps/apps. Specifically, many apps use a different basemap than the default, and my assumption was that if I replaced a raster version with a vector-tile version, it might break the app (due to a different item ID being referenced).

So, a few questions:

1) If raster basemaps are replaced by vector basemaps, will that affect existing maps/apps? What exactly will happen?

2) Since we're using a custom group for our basemaps, and we didn't check the "Share the Esri default basemaps to this group when you click Save" option, if we would like to replace raster basemaps with vector basemaps--but also keep our organization basemaps--what is the best way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!

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