Why is vector basemap quality lower for 3D maps?

04-16-2019 10:38 AM
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I'm creating a web map with the JavaScript API 4, and noticed a big difference in quality when displaying vector basemaps in 3D compared to creating a web map in 2D.  I also tested this using Web AppBuilder and noticed the same thing. 

Overall the map is not as bright, labels are smaller, and the text is sometimes cutoff.  I'm assuming this has to do with helping 3D maps load faster or there is currently a technical limitation, but is there a way to maintain the quality - or is there a plan in the future to make the quality comparable to vector basemaps in 2D? 

Thank you

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Hello DWR Alex Mccomb

I am having the same issue with 3D multipaches and objects. 

Original surface

Published surface

Published surface_low quality

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