Why is ArcMap crashing when I create a local version for editing of a hosted feature layer

07-16-2019 08:52 AM
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We have a feature layer that is crashing ArcMap everytime we try to create a local version for editing. Is there any reason that this might happen?

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Alex Benavides 

we had chatted yesterday on the phone a bit about this yesterday, and i wanted to follow up with some other suggestions since other services seemed to work ok with this task.  First ensure you are signing into ArcMap with your SAML account and not the mobile editor account.  Also always a good idea to note what citrix box you are on in the citrix "connection center" and log all the way out of citrix and attempt to get on a different box.  If it works on a different citrix box, submit a ticket about the citrix box that was not working correctly.  If that does not help, You might also try bringing down a local copy for editing of this service with a NOC Citrix ArcMap instance to rule out any issues with the ORWA citrix farm.  One follow up question, does the service seem to download and sync correctly using the mobile device and editable via web browser in AGOL?  If not, something is probably corrupted with the service and it will need to be taken down & republished, if it seems to work fine on mobile & web then it may be an ArcMap issue to troubleshoot further. 

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