Why aren't field display names in web map updating?

05-12-2020 01:00 AM
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I have changed some of the field "Display Names" of a hosted feature layer. However, the field names displayed in web maps (in the attribute table and pop-ups) have not updated. Is there no way of getting them to auto-update, rather than having to recreate the maps?

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Hi Amanda,

Can you clarify your workflow in a bit more detail? 1. Did you share a web map with data layers from ArcGIS Pro? See Share a web map—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

2. Did you change the field names and overwrite the web layers?

See Overwrite a web feature layer—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 


It will help if you outline the steps you took so that we can help narrow down the issue you are facing.

Keep in mind that web maps store things like pop-ups and symbology separately from web layers. For example, pop-ups stored in the web map will not be updated if the web layer is overwritten with a newly configured pop-up.





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Hi Jonah,

Thank you very much for your response. I created the web map in ArcGIS Online. I have realised that the situation is more complex than I had originally thought, sorry... The issue of Display Names not updating in web maps actually only occurs in the case of a feature 'layer view'. I changed the field Display Name in the source layer (hosted feature layer). If I then go to the item page of the associated layer view, the Display Name has automatically changed (updated) when looking at the Fields tab in the Data tab. However, the field name displayed in the ‘Table’ section in the Data tab has not updated, and neither has the field/display name displayed in the attribute table or pop-ups when looking at the view layer in Map Viewer or in a web map I have created. Since the Display Name has updated when looking at the Data | Fields tab of the item view, why is this not reflected in the Data | Table or in maps containing the layer view? Can I rectify this?