Which appIds correspond to which Esri products in the applications usage report for ArcGIS Online?

12-12-2020 06:51 AM
MVP Regular Contributor

The applications usage report for ArcGIS Online produced by the Python API (AGOLUsageReports) uses appIds to identify the applications. Is there documentation that provides the official mapping of appId to Esri product? 

For example, "arcgisprodesktop", "arcgispro", "arcgisdesktop", and "arcgisdesktop102" all show up as appIds in our application usage report over the last few months. Is "arcgisprodesktop" capturing both the use of Pro and Desktop? Or, is it only tied to use of Pro? Which version(s) of Pro (and Desktop) does it represent? Is "arcgispro" only earlier version of Pro, and, if so, which versions? I'm guessing "arcgisdesktop102" means someone using ArcGIS Desktop 10.2 still?

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