When Viewing Data in ArcGIS Online or Field Maps, Previous Versions of the Data is Visible at Different Zoom Levels

10-25-2023 08:05 AM
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We are seeing previous versions of our hosted feature services and views. For example, if the data is symbolized on the status field, and the user updates the status field, the feature will display the symbology of the updated status, then the feature reverts back to the previous status. If we zoom in and out, we will see different versions of the data - the correct and previous versions. This is not just the rendering on the map, the pop-up and information in the attribute table also shows the previous versions. We have also seen where the symbology will show a line with half the current symbology and half the previous symbology.

If you create a new feature, sometimes it shows up, sometimes it does not, at different zoom levels. 

There may be a mismatch between what you see on the map and what you see in the pop-up. For example, the map may show the current symbology, and the pop-up shows the previous data information, or vice versa. 

I've seen features that faintly show up, like there is a heavy transparency on the layer, except that nearby features created at a different time show up 100% opaque from the same layer.

This started happening on 10/24/2023 and is happening across pretty much all of our data as far as we can tell. This is happening with data hosted across multiple accounts, with data that is edited in Field Maps, created offline, created in ArcGIS online, created through scripting.

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