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When I transfer ownership of a Storymap to another user in the organization, does the content (maps, data, photos, etc...) it references also change ownership, or are they still retained by the original account?

10-27-2020 07:54 AM
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We're looking to transfer ownership of a storymap in our AGOL organization from one account to another.  What's unclear is if the ownership of the content that storymap references (maps, layers, photos, etc...) is also transferred to the new account or if the old account still retains ownership.  Would we have to transfer ownershipp of all that content as well?

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Hi Joe,

Thanks for your post on GeoNet! By default, when you transfer ownership of a StoryMap, it does not transfer any content that is associated with it. Hence, you'll want to transfer ownership of all of the StoryMaps content as well as the story item itself. For more information on different workflows, please see the GeoNet post here: Can you transfer a Story to another ESRI account? 



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