When I extract data from arcgis online the attribute table is blank when opened in ArcGIS Pro

06-17-2020 03:36 PM
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After I extract data from a map on ArcGIS online to a file geodatabase and then add the features to a map in ArcGIS Pro the attribute tables are blank. However, the data is shown on the map and the pop-ups are populated with the correct data. If I try to add a field, I get an message that there was an error encountered loading fields. How do I fix the issue of the blank attribute tables.

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Seems to be a problem with field lengths or something coming from the export as I've seen in a few articles.  Funny thing is it loads into ArcMap for me.  I suppose I'm going to attempt to rebuild my feature service in ArcMap and overwrite the existing service although who knows what kind of problems that might lead to.  All this to add one extra related table to a point layer.

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