what3words geolocator + ArcGIS for Power BI

04-22-2021 03:10 PM
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I have successfully set up a new geolocator from what3words : https://arcgis.what3words.com/v2/arcgis/rest/services/what3words_EN_English/GeocodeServer 

and after I create a simple map (only 1 basemap layer, like LightGray, for ex) I am able to use what3words search strings with the Search tool on the ArcGIS Online map (viewed with the newest map viewer), for ex: ///witless.amassing.prescribed .

PROBLEM:  When using the ArcGIS visual for Power BI that comes by default with Power BI Desktop (latest version as of today 22 April), the map displays, the Power BI data overlays fine, BUT when using the Search icon of the ArcGIS for Power BI visual, the search is performed with the default ArcGIS geolocator AND NOT with the what3words geolocator that was set up, and I repeat, that works fine for searching with the same map but through the ArcGIS Online webpage.

QUESTION:  Is there a way to get ArcGIS for Power BI visual to use the newly define what3words geolocator? In other words, for the map displayed by the ArcGIS for Power BI visual to behave just like the same map on the ArcGIS Online webpage when it comes to the search functionality?

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What3words have received requests to use their what3words Locator in ArcGIS for PowerBI.

Currently, even if you have registered the what3words Locator in ArcGIS Online, users cannot display it on the search widget of the ArcGIS for PowerBI.

Is there a way to have the what3words locator on the search widget?

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