What's your Hive?

04-26-2021 12:40 PM
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New terminology never gets old around here.  Today during a technical support call I was asked what my "Hive" was.  It turns out, that "Hive" is referring to the part of the URL below in red.


During this discussion the tech who was working my case mentioned that in my case, Hive 1 was having problems the other day, however, there were no reported incidents on the status RSS feed.  So if anyone gets asked that question in the future, now you know what they are asking you and/or referring to.


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Because some days you don't feel enough like a drone as it is... But for real, I kind of love the term. You should post an answer to your own post and mark it as answered!

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Nah...your "solution" is good enough 😉

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