What's happened to reporting issues with AGOL in the UK, please?

03-17-2020 01:06 PM
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Hi all,

We tried to report an issue with hosted feature services (we're based in the UK) and instead of the previously available direct service disruption reporting facility - we had to raise a tech support case - which takes days to get going. The "Report ArcGIS Online Service Disruption" button was still there, but looped right back to "Request Case" when selected.

Why is this, please? Surely the whole point of the ArcGIS Online health Dashboard is to be aware of what's happening at the moment (or at least the same day) and to be able to report issues you're experiencing - not what might have been happening a week or so ago? Surely timely reporting on any issues allows Esri to action/target repairs in an effective way, as well.

Many thanks!

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