What is the best practice for symbolizing Survey123 feature layers / views?

11-21-2019 02:33 PM
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Community - we are helping agencies deploy a Survey123 Template for Search and Rescue, but one of our biggest challenges is symbolizing the data manually (via image URLs in the web map viewer/feature layer visualization) each time. There +24 icons in the feature layer and each time we have to apply symbology manually and then to the Survey123 Stakeholder Feature Layer View. We have tried the GeoJobe Admin Tools Pro, but have not been able to get this to work. Any ideas? Can this be handled via ArcGIS Pro, json?

SAR and First Responder Toolkit https://arcg.is/0SjS85 

Deployment Kit https://napsg.maps.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=7a3371cd98224827b51e4f17205d6276 

GitHub Issue for more details: Enhancement: Deploy symbology across all feature layer views? · Issue #20 · pjdohertygis/SARandFirst...

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Hi Paul,

Not completely sure if this would make the process more efficient, but it may be worth looking into. It worked with a very simple test survey I created. You could probably script it as well.

  1. Publish the survey
  2. Download service as FGDB
  3. Open FGDB Feature Class in ArcGIS Pro
  4. Add to Map, symbolize features with pre-defined image symbols that have been created with this workflow: How To: Import an image as a style in ArcGIS Pro 
  5. Overwrite the service
  6. Create the stakeholder view

If you had a template Feature Class with an exact schema match to the Survey123 Hosted Feature Service, you could also probably just use that instead of doing steps 2-4 (haven't tested this component). 

Hope this helps,


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Thank you we will give this a try!