Webmap Update Workflow Ideas

03-01-2021 11:19 AM
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by Anonymous User
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What's a pro, foolproof way to update webmaps? 

I have this .aprx that I have to keep in SPC. I do a saveas of the project and set it to Web Mercator, and publish the map to AGO for Collector use.

The field guys have requests, adding a field, changing labels, new coded values, etc.

So far I've been loading the webmap to Pro and overwriting the layer, but today it gave me the hardest time and I had to create and new map.

And I haven't gotten into updating my SPC copy...


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by Anonymous User
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Thank you, Bill. I will study this. 

In the meantime I found Here

some of the reasons why it wouldn't work or work funny. I must say I qualified for several.

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