Webmap - switch to hosted services

08-29-2019 11:57 AM
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I have an existing webmap consuming several services published via our ArcGIS Server instance. These are dynamic map services, and each service has been added to the webmap (meaning I did not add individual layers as feature layers). I have configured popups, arcade expressions, symbology, etc... for most of the layers.

Now, for various reasons, I have published the services as hosted feature services to AGOL, and I'd like to modify my webmap to use those hosted services instead of the arcgis server ones, ideally in such a way that I don't have to redo all of the configurations, which would be a large effort. I have access to ArcGIS Online Assistant and GEOJobe admin tools, either of which can be used to switch service urls via search and replace methods. The problems arise in the difference between dynamic map services and hosted feature services:

  • A map service can add all layers like this: ...services/community/MapServer
  • A feature service must add each layer separately like ...services/community/FeatureServer/0 and so on.

So, changing the url in the webmap does not work. 

Looking for thoughts about how to accomplish this with least effort, as there are a lot of configurations and I'd really like to avoid re-creating them via manual method. 

Also, wondering why ESRI does not have a hosted version of a map service. It's problematic for the above scenario, and also for other reasons. Symbology limitations with feature services, lack of support for grouped layers, etc....


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