Webapp Popups not fully displaying.

08-16-2019 01:44 PM
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I have a webmap embedded as an iframe in a webpage. I'm having an issue where the popup's won't display fully, it just shows the title and and arrow to expand the popup (which displays the entire popup at full screen). I came across this technical support article which was written a few years ago: Problem: Pop-ups do not fully display when clicking features in a Web AppBuilder application. I was just wondering if this is still the most up to date info? The only way i can remedy this is by increasing my iframe size?



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Hi Benjamin, Is it WebMap or WebApp builder application you are trying to embed into the Web page?

The Web Map popup should not be having an issue.

If it is Web App builder application, I would not recommend to embed in a website or web page, as Web App itself is an application with lot of browser dependent interactive functions exists.

The work around is to create an HTML page using ArcGIS Javascript accessing the same Web Map as Web App builder was using. Then embed this HTML page into the main Web Application page. The issue with Popup should not exist. Please try and let me know if you need any further help on work around solution.



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Your issue sounds like it's related to the mobile break points esri defines in the jimu.js/main.js file.  Here is a link describing how you can force breakpoints in query params.


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