Web Map Label Visibility Scale Range Not Working On Polygons

04-02-2020 06:33 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have a polygon of Fire District ISO ratings for the entire county.  My labels disappear if the user is zoomed in beyond the Buildings level.  No label at all.  I have played around with label size, arcade expression and turning off other labels to see if there is a conflict.  No matter what after the map is zoomed in beyond Buildings the labels disappear.  Has anyone else ran into this or know a workaround?

Here is the web map: http://arcg.is/PDC4G 

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I have this same problem with polygons. I can't remember a time when I didn't have problems with polygon labels when zoomed far in. I would love to see a solution.

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I also have this problem. I need my viewers to be able to see the polygon label once they have searched for an address. 

I believe the problem is that the label will not stray more than a certain distance from the center of the polygon. I can see the labels of smaller polygons at a closer zoom level, but still lose them when the center of the polygon is too far off the map.