Web App unexpectedly crashes and reloads repeatedly on iOS

09-29-2021 08:41 AM
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I have a web app that users have been using for a number of years. It's just been brought to my attention that the app keeps crashing and reloading when opened in an Apple device. I have triangulated 2 offending feature services within the app, that, when removed, resolve the issue and the app loads successfully.

When i try and make fresh apps from scratch with either of the offending feature services, those also crash.

I have tried multiple iOS devices, and tried in safari and chrome.

I have also saved one of the feature services to FGDB, brought into Pro and republished successfully, but this version also crashes apps.

Crashing doesn't occur when the web map is opened directly. Only in the app.

I've just made an instant app from the same web map, and this doesn't crash. Just the one via WAB.

Has anyone else experienced this that could expedite my investigations a bit further?

My workaround appears to be upgrading the app to EB, if that's the issue.



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We are currently experiencing this on one of our dashboards as well.  Did you ever find a solution other than upgrading to EB?



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