Web app failing to load maps after firewall upgrade - Javascript 3.13 cache.js issue?

08-06-2020 10:08 PM
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How to describe this one.

We are running a web app built some years ago before my time at our organisation - I'm no Javascript expert but from the URLs involved it seems to be the 3.13 API.  After we upgraded our firewall this week users suffered a gradually-propagating inability to load maps (that are coming out of portal) with the web app hanging on the loading gif while data from ArcGIS Server displays behind the gif but no further navigation or interaction is possible.  One or two users can still load them.  Our browser of choice is Chrome but this happens on all browsers.  The error we are getting is around this script:

http://js.arcgis.com/3.13/dojo/store/Cache.js which is called by http://js.arcgis.com/3.13/init.js 

What I get on my own machine after a reasonable length of time is firstly a ERR_CONTENT_LENGTH_MISMATCH 200 (OK) error message :

init.js:40 GET http://js.arcgis.com/3.13/dojo/store/Cache.js net::ERR_CONTENT_LENGTH_MISMATCH 200 (OK)

Next I get :

init.js:41 Error: scriptError
at d (init.js:15)
at HTMLScriptElement.<anonymous> (init.js:40)

Then immediately following is where it hangs:

init.js:41 Error: scriptError at d (init.js:15) at HTMLScriptElement.<anonymous> (init.js:40)
init.js:41 src: dojoLoader
init.js:41 info:
  1. (2) ["//js.arcgis.com/3.13/dojo/store/Cache.js", Event]
    1. 0: "//js.arcgis.com/3.13/dojo/store/Cache.js"

I can browse to the script if I use https. but on http it hangs.  Testing with a user who can load maps I am able to navigate to it using http.

One of my IT team (I'm the only GIS resource) thinks that Sophos (firewall/antivirus) is objecting to something in the script and blocking it, but we can't tell what.

Any ideas?  This has caused us a major headache today as it has taken down our GIS viewer and forced us back into ArcMap.

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