Visualizing Repetitive Temporal Data in GIS

11-21-2019 05:17 AM
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We have a road closure map for the city (link below). The planning department updates this with any planned road closures. We have a farmer's market that shuts down a street once a week every week for the year. Is there anyway to create an entry in that GIS layer with a repetitive time frame without making 52 entries, one for each week of the year? This layer is created in AGOL. 

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Hi Payne,

Is the end goal to symbolize the closure as it's shown in the app?

Assuming the day of the week is the same each time, you might be able to use an Arcade function. Something like this may do the trick:

//Values range from 0-6 where Sunday is 0 and Saturday is 6

var Farmers = $feature.DayClosed
var dayOfWeek = Weekday(Now())

iif (Farmers == dayOfWeek, "Closed", "Open")

Hope this helps,


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