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11-07-2022 07:38 AM
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I've created a hosted feature layer that is edited by users in ArcGIS Field Maps. From this hosted feature layer, I created a hosted view layer. I created a dashboard that uses the view layer to the progress of our field crew. The view layer was working perfectly until today. When I open the dashboard or a web map that contains the view layer, I get an error message saying the layer is unavailable. However, if I add the view layer into Pro then the view layer displays perfectly. Has anybody else had this happen to them or knows how to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

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Same issue here.  Published a line and point HFS via ArcGIS Pro then created the View in Portal.  The points from the View display in Field Maps but the lines do not.  My goal is the same as Michael's above.  Provide a read only layer to review data in Field Maps that were originally collected with QuickCapture.  Both Line and Point Views a visible in the Map Viewer and/or Pro, but Field maps will only display the points.  Ideas anyone?  Thank you

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