View all layers with stored credentials

09-07-2021 01:49 PM
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Is there a way either through the front end or using the python API to view all layers that have stored credentials?

I am migrating to a new server using windows auth so need to be able to find and update all of them

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It would seem that when you simply add a link to another org's service, looking at the item's URL shows something like:

But when it is stored with credentials, you get this:<server-itemID>/rest/services/<service-name>/FeatureServer

If you use the ArcGIS Python API, you could easily search through your content to find these items with a bit of regular expressions. and a quick loop.

There may be a way to browse those proxy "servers" directly, but I haven't done it. If I happen to look into it further, I'll update my post here.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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