Using views of Survey123 data for a public facing web map app

08-30-2020 08:59 AM
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I'm hopeful that someone out there can give me advice on a problem I'm trying to solve. I'm a relatively new user of Survey123 and ArcGIS Online but have many years of experience with ArcGIS Desktop.

I'm working with a group that's collecting information about grave markers in a cemetery using a survey I created in Survey123 Connect. The information being collected is very detailed and includes a number of photographs, and they want to be able to display this information using a web map. This is a long term project as there are many grave markers, but they want the map online as soon as possible and update it as they collect new records. So far, I've built the survey, published it, and they have people out in the field collecting points.

My next step is configuring the web map and corresponding web app to display this information to the public. I've chosen to use the Attachment Viewer template since that will allow for the display of the photographs and I've created a view of the Survey123 data meant for public viewing specifically.

I'm having two issues here, however.

1. The view that I've created does not seem to be updating with newly collected data. Is there a reason this would be?

2. After the data is initially collected, someone is planning to go in and verify that all the information entered is correct. It would be good to wait until this has been done prior to letting it be seen on the public-facing map. I initially thought I would be able to filter my view of the survey data to take this into account, but realized there was no way to do this. I didn't create a column that said something like "ready for the public" to filter by. Does anyone know of a way to do this without reuploading the entire survey?

Thank you for any help!!

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