Using Offline Web Maps for Collector

04-14-2021 07:01 PM
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Hi there,

I've been struggling with this for ageeeees. We use ArcGis online to create webmaps that we can use for Collector and for the life of me I can not figure out how to enable any of the maps to be used offline. 

I have followed the steps here 

and use World Imagery for Export for the basemap. In ArcGIS online I have enabled the basemap and feature layers to work offline, but when I save and share and publish the map,  then open collector on Trimble TDC there is just no option for downloading any offline maps. Perhaps I don't have the right license for ArcGIS to be able to execute this? I have a creator license and I am the administrator.

I need some help - it's driving me crazy, we work in heaps of areas with no reception and collector simply does not play ball in areas with patchy reception.

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