Using Excel to access Arcgis online (automated)

03-25-2018 03:33 AM
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Wondering how others have used Excel with Arcgis Online, since this is a common query from clients.  I've been using Power Query ( see this excellent walk through) wth Arcgis and it's very easy to setup.  


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Hi Martin, 

I'm not convinced I understand what you're trying to accomplish, but if I understand correctly you have an issue on the maximum records you can query?

Have you tried modifying your maxRecordCount parameter?  

How To: Update the maximum record count for feature services in ArcGIS Online 

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Hello There!

Thanks for taking care.

I am not the administrator to perform such a change; I am just an end user,

without ArcMAP. We just get the data and prepare some statistics and


The layer has over 60,000 features we are interested in (from nearly half a

million), and I can only query 10,000 features at a time. So, I thought

that a loop would do the trick, but it seems that this is not the case with

Power Query (I think a loop can easily be configured in Python from ArcMAP,

but ...).

I am actually good with the explained approach, and I just need to add a

new query from time to time; so it is not a big deal. I am pretty happy

with your tutorial on how to access the data; I was just looking for some

efficiency improvement.

Best regards,

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Hi Martin,

Don't worry about my previous email, i have worked out the process and it is operational!

Thanks for all your help, this is definitely a game changer for my work!

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WHOA Tory!  that is really cool to know; I am so glad you can use it.  These days working from home is quite common, and this may help a lot.  Please take care you all.

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Exciting News Martin! 

I have got the script to work and it is providing the table of attributes as hoped:

The only issue now is when i go to 'Close & Load' i am getting the error message 'Download failed' with no detail. Even though its showing all the rows for the survey.

If there's any advice you have for this step it would be great. Thanks so much for all your help, it has been much appreciated!