Using Active Directory with ArcGIS Online

04-23-2015 07:49 AM
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My organization is interested in connecting our ArcGIS Online account to our Active Directory, but we have a few questions moving forward:

1) A member in our local user group expressed that Active Directory is difficult to work with in AGO.  We didn't get any additional information, but we are interested in hearing more about ease of implementation at other organizations.

2) We are making plans to move away from Flex viewer which we are currently using to Web App Builder.  About 400 people use the Flex maps in their current form, and we need to be able to offer them access to these maps in Web App Builder while keeping the maps secure.  We are entering an ELA in which we get 100 AGO users, so we were wondering/hoping that by using Active Directory, each person can have access to the web maps as long as there are no more than 100 people logged on at once?

3) Our security system requires employees to change their passwords every four months.  Does this present any implications for log-in credentials?  We are hoping to keep user names and passwords the same across all applications, so when a user's password changes, we want it to be automatically reflected in the Active Directory log-in for AGO.

4) As it is now, when employees come and go, we have to manually set up and dismantle AGO accounts.  When linked with Active Directory, are these changes automatically reflected in AGO?

We are also generally interested in hearing about how other organizations have migrated away from Flex Viewer.

Thank you.

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