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05-12-2020 02:16 PM
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I have set up a web map and app and created a feature service for parcels so that I can perform parcel queries via URL parameter. My question is whether it's necessary to use a feature service to get URL query parameters working. I'd rather not create and use feature services when map services would suffice, but is this an illogical preference?

I have a queryable map image service for parcels and I set up the web map/app (hosted on AGO) to make the parcels service/layer (hosted on our Portal) searchable.

I am thus able to perform searches via the app's search field. But the map service-based parcel layer does not show up in the layer list of the app's Custom URL Parameter configuration, so I can't perform parcel queries via URL parameter. 

If I add a feature service-based parcel layer, it does show up and I have successfully performed queries via URL parameter.

I've scanned GeoNet and read a few different pages of Esri documentation about how URL parameter feature queries should work but I haven't found an explicit statement about whether it requires a feature service or if I simply haven't configured my map image service properly. Please advise. Thanks!

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