Uploading a Geodatabase in ArcGIS Online

05-13-2019 11:36 AM
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A colleague of mine created a geodatabase from a couple of layers we had using spatial joins. I'm trying to upload this zip file to a hosted web layer. It gets past the "Uploading layer" screen and allows me to set the layer's name and access settings. However, shortly after the "Creating layer" screen appears, it errors out with the message "An error occurred. Please check your internet connection and try again"

I've tried this on coffee shop WiFi, home WiFi, and an enterprise ethernet connection, in Firefox and Chrome. Any ideas?

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Hi Cole,

I have a few suggestions:

  • Can you try clearing your browser cache and try uploading it again?
  • Can your colleague publish this to their content?
  • After the error occurs, does the feature layer remain in your content or is it removed? 
  • Does the process publish a file geodatabase to your content as well, or does it just publish a feature layer? 
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Hi Victoria,

  • Clearing the cache did nothing
  • He doesn't have access to our organization as he's a contractor; he pulled the couple of datasets we needed from our city's data portal and did the spatial joins locally, then exported it as a geodatabase.
  • The feature layer is to be a new one so nothing "remains"; however, the whole process adds nothing to my content whatsoever - not a file geodatabase, no feature layer, nothing.

For what it's worth, the full geodatabase zip is around 40 MB.

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Hey Victoria 

I am also struggling to upload a gdb online or on my portal. 

I tried to publish from arcmap it gave an error and I saved it as a draft service. 

The data is big like 12gb it has attachments. 



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I am also having issues loading the gdb online. Can somebody help?

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Hi, please open a support case for the issues you are having with uploading geodatabases in ArcGIS Online.  This will help us track, reproduce, and solve the problem.  thanks!

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