Upload or Attachment File Size Limit for Hosted Feature Layer

07-14-2017 08:43 AM
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I'm trying to add attachments to a Hosted Feature Layer (PDF's in this case, in a Web Map using Chrome) and they are failing to attach, which appears to be because of file size.  I haven't found many threads to support/explain the presence an attachment size limit or file file size upload limit in ArcGIS Online.  I can add several files that are 7mb each, but not one that is 23mb.  Generally when i select the large file the file name stays beside the "Choose File" path spot and fails to attach.  I managed to get one error (see below) while trying to add several attachments, but generally no error is provided with the fail. I placed the file in shorter path location and reduced file name size to see if that was a problem, but the issue still occurs.

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Hi Nathan,

Attachments uploaded through the web browser can be up to 10MB in size. For larger uploads, you must upload parts through the REST API:

Manage hosted feature layers—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS 



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Hello Kelly,

I am getting an error with a hosted Feature service in AGOL with over 1.5 million parcels for Puerto Rico. When we search for a parcel number it gives me error the first or the second time we search for a parcel number. the third time we get the parcel. So we know that over 10k records AGOL do not works that good. So we are thinking in create a geocoder service. Can we use a geocode service in AGOL? can we publish and use our geocoder in AGOL? I want to do this so I can workaround the search error I am getting in AGOL if I search for a parcel.

Thanks for your help!

Diego Llamas

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You can use your own geocoding service, but it must be hosted on ArcGIS Server, geocoding services can only be stored in AGOL not hosted and utilized.  That may change at some point.   Have you tried Cache Control or Manage Spatial Indexes on that feature service to help it.  You may want to consider a vector tile package and then maybe have centroid point hold the attribute data....or break up the parent parcel dataset into several smaller "View" layers depending on the geographic area/province/jurisdiction and have a single view with the parcel number for searching only, leaving the big file right out of the picture. 

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Thanks Nathan,

I agree to try re-building the spatial index. If the data has a lot of vertexes, which parcel data tends to have, you may want to consider creating a tile layer to display the geometry and the feature layer for querying.

Here are two blogs that outline the best practices for showing a lot of data:

Best Practices for using Tile Layers as Operational Layers 

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Strategies to Effectively Display Large Amounts of Data in Web Apps