Updating file geodatabase features from hosted layer?

07-25-2019 07:21 AM
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I have tried on and off for some time now to figure out the workflow for getting data back from Collector and the hosted feature layers in AGOL, and updating the file geodatabase layers from which the data originated. I cannot find anything online or any directions in the help directories for how to do this.

I manage a couple fairly large geodatabases in ArcMap, and use several methods for adding to and editing those features (Trimble unit with TerrraSync and Positison Desktop, Collector on an iPad, heads-up on the workstation, etc)...I need one repository for these features that gets updated from all the collection methods. One workflow I would like to utilize is, collecting new features in Collector, with all the attribute fields easily filled out in the field on an ipad. Then bring that data back into the file geodatabase where I can "check it out" with Trimble Positions and take the Trimble unit out to update the location of the features more precisely....and finally have those new locations updated to all the hosted layers.

Does anyone have a link or suggestion on how to do this?



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