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Updated point symbology from GIS Pro parent file is not showing up on AGOL hosted feature layer

03-15-2022 10:27 AM
New Contributor

I am working on a map to collect location based point features using the "Collector" app. In the parent ArcGIS file I established unique symbology, and attribute templates for each of the different types of points to be added to the map while out in the field.

Then I uploaded the the map to ArcGIS Online, and started using the collector app to locate the necessary points (800+ so far). 

After a time I realized that I needed to add new types of points to the map. I created and added new symbology and attribute templates to the point layer in parent desktop file of the map using ArcGIS Pro. These updates show up on on the online Web Map, but they don't show up online on the hosted feature layer. They also don't show up in the collector app. 

Most importantly I need the new point symbology to show up when I use the "+" feature in the Collector app.

I don't want to delete the Web Map and re-upload it because I don't want to have to go out an re-input the 100's of physical points that have already been collected. 

How can I get the new point symbology to update to the hosted feature layer?

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