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Update Definition Through Rest Not Working

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02-18-2019 10:25 AM
Occasional Contributor

I am trying to update a feature service definition following the process described in this document: 

Specifically, I am trying to set the sourceSchemaChangesAllowed property to false (and eventually back to true). So in the admin page of my service URL, I go to update definition.

I change true to false in the above, and then replace the last edited field with empty double quotes. It returns the following page with no error:

But when I go to my feature service again, the change has no been made.


This is a similar issue to this Geonet post: Updates in JSON feature service edit not taking. A bug was filed for making the same operation on different fields, with no workaround provided. Is this also a bug, and if so, does anyone have a workaround?

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Thank you so much for the detailed response. We had a survey that could not be updated due to a view that had "hasStaticData" : true,"sourceSchemaChangesAllowed" : true

We updated the view definition to "hasStaticData" : false,"sourceSchemaChangesAllowed" : true 

Then we were able to update the source schema and republish the survey with new fields. 

Life saver! 

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This thread has helped me a lot in the past and was successfully able to modify the "sourceSchemaChangesAllowed" and "hasStaticData" properties multiple times to change schema definition on my feature service. Today, for some reason, "hasStaticData" is not going back to True even though I've changed this property for all the views, as I've done multiple times before.

Has this happened to anybody?

I'm wondering if this is causing me some problem that I encountered. What is "hasStaticData" anyway?


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