Update Definition in the REST Endpoint not working

11-05-2020 02:31 PM
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I have an ArcGIS Online account. I have a hosted feature layer with nested related tables, and I would like to change the field names and add domains to some of the fields in one of the related tables. I cannot do this using the ArcGIS Online "data" tab because I have created feature layer views from this feature layer. I was once able to use the Update Definition feature in the REST Endpoint for this feature layer for this purpose, but it no longer works.

When I try changing a field or domain name, for example, I get one of the following results:

  • In a table that is the "parent" of another related table: Receive error message: Invalid definition for ''.
    Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
  • In the "child" table of that same relationship: Says that it completes successfully but the field name and alias have not actually been changed. 

If I delete the feature layer views, I can use the ArcGIS Online "data" tab to make the changes, but this creates a lot of extra work to recreate the feature layer views every time I need to change a field (I am using the feature layer views for Survey123 and another web app that I created).


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