Unique custom symbols for every single feature

06-12-2019 04:55 AM
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I know that it is possible to define the unique symbols for different attributes of a feature layer by using the url of a custom single image (Change Style reference - Change symbols).

However, I have many features (~500) for which I would like to define a custom (png) symbol.

The symbols are dynamically created elsewhere and stored in the format: 'id001.png', 'id002.png'...'id500.png'... The id### can be found in the attribute table of the feature layer.

Is it possible to create such a layer?

I am extremely thankful for any hints.

kr, Markus

ps: My approach would be to use ArcGIS Online Assistant, but I'm not sure about performance issues and the dynamic updating when new features are added. I would use different zoom-levels, so that only a selection of features will be shown at once.

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Did you ever get this working?

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No, unfortunately we stopped investigating on this issue, as there seemed to be no convenient solutions that we were aware of.

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