Unable to update point attributes or geometry in hosted feature layer when editing

08-02-2021 12:57 PM
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My colleague and I are working with a hosted feature layer in a web map on ArcGIS Online. Currently, we are unable to update both point attributes and geometry in the Map Viewer. When we attempt to save either the layer individually or save the web map as a whole and then refresh the page, all edits are reverted back to their original attributes/locations.

Here is a look at our settings for the feature layer:


Any advice on a solution or work around here would be great. We would like to avoid having to continually edit the layer in ArcMap and overwrite the service in AGOL. Thanks!

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Not sure if this will solve your problem, but use ArcGIS Pro if you can when working with stuff hosted in AGOL. It'll sync almost instantaneously without your having to overwrite the layer each time. 

You can either press "open in desktop" on the item or map's details page, or you can add it directly to a map in Pro to start editing it. It's a lot easier, I think, than editing in Map Viewer.

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Hi @CullenLaPointe - if editing the feature layer in Pro or ArcMap works as expected, I would take a guess that you need to enable default z-values. ArcGIS Online Map Viewer cannot edit features that are z-aware but do not have a default z-value



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