Unable to expand Map Server in new Map Viewer

04-14-2021 07:37 AM
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I have a question about the new Map Viewer.  When I bring in one of my REST Map Services in the original online map viewer I can see all the layers available in the layer list, and I can turn the individual layers on and off as I need.

If I bring the same service into the new map viewer, I can only see the layers that were turned on when I published the service and not any of the rest of the list.   Is there another place to look to activate the layer list so I can turn off an on the additional layers?  

I'm not going to panic yet, since I am hopeful that this is just a not so obvious button I'm overlooking.  But, I won't be able to use any of my previously created maps in this new version, or use any of my Map Services I've published if I can't see all the layers.

Trying to reason (and map) with hurricane season.
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Hi Charlie,

Sub layer authoring and configuration for map image layers (from a map service) should be in the UC release.  If your primary layers of interest/authoring are map image layers (versus feature layers which are fully supported) then I would probably wait until UC update to switch the default.  


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I discovered this is an issue for my organization as well.  Many of our REST services have multiple layers. Any existing maps in Classic have those layers exposed to be individually configurable.  Opening them in the new Map Viewer, or adding them fresh to a new Map, seems to indicate that all the layer data is there, but they operate as a single layer.

Would love to hear from Esri if this will be corrected.