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Unable to establish a secure HTTPS connection to layer that is hosted on my AGOL account?

07-05-2023 11:47 AM
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Published a feature service with 6 sublayers to ArcGIS Online from ArcGIS Pro. Added the feature service to a web map with no issues. Saved and closed the web map, then when I went back into it an error popped up "Unable to establish a secure HTTPS connection to the layer. The layer, *********, cannot be added to the map." (naming one of the sublayers from the feature service I just published). Also, the web map now appears empty even though all of the other layers from the feature service don't have an error notification (!) next to them. Everything appears fine in the Data/Visualization tabs on the details pages.

Since this layer was added at the same time as the rest, I'm not sure how to tackle dealing with it. Has anyone had the same issue or know the source of the problem?

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This keeps on happening to me as well and its been incredibly frustrating. I would really appreciate it to learn a solution to this urgent problem so that we don't have to keep on creating new feature layers that all of a sudden disappear. This happened to me on a map tool that my organization released to the public recently. Layers keep on going missing and unable to be displayed because of this "HTTPS connection" error.

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Having the same issue.  Did anyone find the cause and solution?

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Same here, also. Anyone find a solution?

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I am seeing this becoming more and more often.  Hello ESRI!

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same issue, help!

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I had the same problem. This advice sounds ridiculous but after loads of testing I tried simply overwriting the layer again without making any source data changes. The layers in my map were re-connected after refreshing the page. Certainly doesn't solve the broken logic here, but may get your app back into production for the time being!

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