Trying to Update AGOL Feature Layer with additional rows - FME Example Perhaps?

04-08-2020 05:37 PM
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I have several AGOL Feature layers which contain local government infrastructure data (sewer, water, roads etc) and this data is updated internally daily. I am hoping to find a simple way for me to update our AGOL feature layers, without resetting all the Pop-up customisation, the symbology, and any other associated settings, each time I update. 

I have tried using the 'overwrite web layer' tool in Pro but this seems to drop the Feature Layer and create a new one, meaning I need to go to all my web maps and re-add this layer to them. Quite a time consuming process.

I have a FME licence and am hoping I can use it to do what I am wanting to do, but as I am a FME n00b, I am hoping someone can share their workbench with me so I can plagiarise it as a starting point.

I am guessing I should be truncating and then inserting data into the existing Feature Layer, as opposed to dropping and recreating. 

Any ideas, suggestions or comments greatly appreciated. 

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